Sun April 22, 2018

Averting Environmental Doomsday

Photo courtesy of Fabio Stevanato

Time is running out whereby any plan will effect a reversal or at least slowing of the rise in global temperatures which many scientists say is fueling the increase in unnaturally severe weather that has in turn caused so much disaster and human tragedy.

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Who is Fighting for Kashmir’s Freedom?

After 30 years of turmoil, the Kashmiri people are no better off. In fact, many would say things are worse – and that the dream of becoming an independent state is drifting off to sleep.

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The situation in Iraq is dire given the rise in religious and ethnic violence. The journey out of Iraq for those who are desperate and willing to give up everything they own in order to lead a “normal” life is equally dangerous. But sometimes, along with assimilation in a host country, there is yet another loss.

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China’s youth are having an impact on the direction of their country. Entrepreneurial start-ups aligned with young people in other countries, a hunger for Korean entertainment and fashions, use of ‘weibo’- the Chinese version of Twitter -to share ideas and sometimes grievances, are just some the indications that in economically robust cities like Shenzhen, China appears to be opening up to the world.

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US policy in the Middle East should take note of the nation that is becoming the first democracy in the region – and it’s not Iraq.

“For Afghans, peace is imaginary – a word hanging in front of their eyes.”  Ahmad Fayaz Rahmany

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